The evolution of the man-kind and the spreading of knowledge was a continuous sequence of abstractions: from cave-paintings to picture-writing, from phonetic syllabic writing to the alphabet and the digital code of present time.

This was followed by a more and more ongoing separation of life into specialized fields, which revealed a misunderstanding by the public. Through the increasing of trade, traffic and exchange a constant rise of parallel codes, languages and alphabets appeared.

Our everyday-world looks like a new Babylon. This dilemma can not be solved by existent languages. The year 2000 was always our synonym for the future, in less than 10 years we will reach it, but how looks our vision about future ? New codes, new symbols have to be invented. The world, life and human society should be touched in new ways to make it understandable again and open for everyone.


10:00, AUS/USA 1989/90

Critical reference to the "New World" and what America has made of it. In a frenetic bombing of emblems and icons of american culture, Callas portrays the dark side of the early process of colonisation and onwards to the contemporary imperialistic policies of the US.

PIECE TOUCHEE - Martin Arnold

16 mm, 15:30, A 1988/89

An 18" long take out of an american B-picture which was produced in the early 50-ies is reproduced picture by picture and revised in its temporal and spatial progression. Given factors: him and her, the scenographic space and the time spent in there.

IMAGES FROM "VIDEO ROAD" - Kjell Bjorgeengen

4:35, N/USA 1990

The tape deals with time, movement in time and our memory and perception, especially with the doubling of vision based on the reentry of images from the recent past into the visual field.


2:00, USA 1990

Machine dictates time ... THAT`S FUNNY !

WELCOME TO H.K. - Heiko Daxl

13:00, H.K. 1990

As an island HongKong is determined by two diversive sides. The european - surrounded by medial noise, the rythm of telecom, which defines ratio in action and the shape of urban environment - and the chinese - surrounded by water, the good "Fung Shui", which influences action in accordance to nature. Like in the the all-around cash- machines and their call "Welcome ..." there could be a choice between those different sides (options) of H.K..

LIVEWIRES - Paula Fairfield

9:45, CDN 1990

The work utilizes the analogy of a broadcast version of Plato's Cave, delineated by the volatile combination of water and electricity and explores the position of the female viewer in relation to media constructs. This positioning aligns the viewer with LIVEWIRES on-screen counterpart through the use of a subjective audio perspective.

TALES - Laszlo Kiss

6:00, H 1990

"It can be seen, because it seems apparent. (...)"

HA ! - Ilse Gassinger

0:04, A 1990

It is apparent. Can it be seen ?

Cassette 5:


In all aspects of life and experience, our desires and intentions, images have superseded reality and have destroyed traditional distinctions and opposites. The image is everywhere, in our expectations, our ethics, in propaganda and advertising and create categories of experience, where differences between real and unreal are vanishing and illusions replace ideals.

WHITEWASH - Jan Peacock

14:07, CDN 1989

"You can imagine everything ... you invent nothing" WHITEWASH challenges the assumption that information is inherent in the familiar forms of the TV news format and in commercials, which are constructed to prove the success of their products. WHITEWASH presents television as a world of appearances whose familiarity induces in us "the sleep of complicity", the semi- conscious state in which we absorb ideologies.

DAS WESEN DER VERWANDLUNG - Monika Funke Stern & Hanno Baethe

8:00, BRD 1990

The frog and the princess; the famous prince, disguised as the frog, is searching for the magic word that frees him. And he keeps searching and searching ... Is it a blackout? Is the search thus magical? Or is the frog thus magical to keeßthe princess wishing he'll be a frog forever, searching and searching everlasting ...


2:00, A 1990

Under the cover of the perfectly styled product M.M. and contrary to it the lost personality of the artist M.M. has been remodeled. With the help of editing and an ironical kind of approach quotations from her films stand between new gestures ...

NEO GEO IX - Screco Dragan

7:00, YU 1989

In the beginning was the line.


7:00, B 1988

What happens if a painter and a videomaker bump into each other in a disco? a) You can all put it down in a 5 min. video of basic gestures! b) You end ußwith a comic video strip!

What can you do if someone asks you what life is all about? b) you end ußwith a comic video strip! a) you can all put it down in a 5 min video of basic gestures!


4:20, GB 1990

"... that our eyes might reach to the heart of the rocks, to the bottom of the seas, to the ends of the sky ... that our soul, irradiating everywhere, might go and live amongst all this ... forever to push forth under the sun of eternity its metamorphoses ..."

(Gustave Flaubert,Travelogue from Belle-Isle, 1847)

BLACK FOREST - BLUE DANUBE - Zora Mari Bauer & Viola Kiefner

14:11, BRD 1990,

The videotape BLACK FOREST - BLUE DANUBE presents a listing of sometimes humoristic, sometimes sarcastic notes on the theme "homeland and folklore", packed ußin 24 chapters. The typical Viennese and typical swabian way, germanism and indispensable yodeling play ... under/in/with studiolight, bluebox and soundsampling ... between art, daub and cliche, Biedermeier and musicclip with themes of the present day: nationalism contra integration, pattern contra perspective and the ABC of songs and history contra the CBA of forgetting.

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