Young love is fragile. Two past lovers meet in a cafe. They sit sipping on thier coffees watching the modern world pass by, like watching fish in a tank. Talking about thier first sunny, careless moments. Talking about thier last colourless moments. They realise how they wanted happiness so much; they feared its loss, they missed its trust and finally lost its touch.

Produced entirely in a day, in and around Chiswick for the BPF Short competition.

Written & Directed - Luke Blackett
Director of Photography - Ed Conder
2nd Camera & Sound - Alex Bridle
Colourist - Barney Couch
Music - Helena Skelly

Man - Sam Grabiner
Woman - Natasha Pinder

Sarah Craddock
Matt Blackett
Ellie Harrison
Emily Ratsma
Helena Skelly
Brock Boyd-Taylor
Leo Buizza
Michael Lever
Charlie John
Freya Rosedale
Cheyenne Burke
Juno Stahl

With Thanks to the Manager and Staff of Braserie Gerard, Chiswick.

CreativeChaos 2011

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