The following panel was given at the 10th annual conference of International Funders for Indigenous People.

Facilitated by Jeffrey Campbell, of the Christensen Fund. Panelists include Elle Ellecho Essa, Shagire Shano Sale, and Wondimu Utto Tanga, of Ethiopia, and Alejandro Argumeda of Peru.

Most Indigenous cultures have deep seated traditional knowledge systems that have maintained complex agriculture and foodways. Yet externally imposed ―scientific‖ agricultural packages which seriously simplify and frequently contradict traditional knowledge and practices are being promoted as essential for meeting food security needs of the world‘s growing population. Increased appreciation and awareness of the value of this local knowledge, ―written on the land‖ is urgently needed in the face of multiple threats to the land and farming systems facing Indigenous communities. Speakers will describe their farming practices and landscapes and share the serious challenges threatening them. Audience will be invited to share in an open discussion about ways to highlight local traditional knowledge systems around agricultural diversity more effectively in order to counter threats.

Produced by Cultural Survival
Music by the Cordillera People's Alliance

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