Love is a Battlefield. Armour Up.

It’s the Year of the Rabbit. Bella is turning 29. Only 4 of her 437 Facebook friends have shown up to her party. And one’s a ring-in. The guest list includes an ex-boyfriend who’s an emotional bully and a bunch of mates who don’t know her biggest secret …

Over one booze-fuelled night, the Birthday Girl must bid farewell to the break-ups and breakdowns of her hedonistic youth. On the brink of her 30s (F$&K!): the glitter’s lost its sparkle, responsibility beckons, mortality looms. For Bella, it’s time to grow up.

When your 20s catches up with you, when you can no longer run away from the decisions you’ve made, the relationships you’ve broken and the love you’ve neglected: what do you hold on to? Who’s going to hang around to pick through the wreckage? And how do you find the strength to face the morning-after the decade-before?

Sex, death, love and home-truths make for a killer cocktail of acidic one-liners and high-stakes conversation. Shit is about to get real. And you are invited.

“A sharp, witty script makes this play about sex, success and self-knowledge a must-see. “
The Stage (UK)

“The dialogue bites, the characters are convincingly flawed, the scenario is deeply familiar.”
Rip It Up (AUS)

“[Raine] taps into a paradox of our time: Although 40 is the new 30, 75 the new 60, and so on, midlife crises seem to come earlier and earlier as the pressure to succeed at a young age has become astronomical.”
New York Times (USA)

Directed by Daniel Evans (The Reunion, Holy Guacamole, Single Admissions)
Written by Nina Raine (Tribes)

Sam Clark (Often I Find That I Am Naked)
Norman Doyle (The Ugly One)
Penny Harpham (The True Story Of Butterfish)
Amy Ingram (Fat Pig, Single Admissions, 2011 Matilda Award Winner for Best Emerging Artist)
Belinda Raisin (Dead Cargo)
Kevin Spink (The Ugly One, Colder)

Design | Tara Hobbs (with Chloe Musk)
Lighting Design | Dan Anderson
Sound Design | Ack McKimonth
Stage Manager | Sarah Thomasson
Publicity | Tamsin Roseveare | STAMP Marketing & PR
Project Photographer | Sean Young | SYC Studios
Graphic Designer | Pete Foley | Blackbrow

Griffith University Secondment Students
Benjamin Bray [Assistant Director]
Simone 'Shalome' Fallon [Deputy Stage Manager]
Thomas Manton Williams [Assistant Designer / Assistant Stage Manager]

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