lost civilization of the vessels
Audio-visual, PAL 4:3 Stereo, 5' 10"

This short have been developed along with the series of prints of the same title to create a side narration in order to better comprehend the meaning of this project.

As a file of mysterious and alien origins, this artwork displays the finds of what it seems, to the eyes of exotic archaeologists, a civilization suddenly disappeared and incomprehensible, which remains are nothing but debris of toxic substances and rubbish, which lay under an invisible dust into a still atmosphere, crystallized, with muffled reverberations, where the nature slowly returns to its archaic equilibrium.

From these poisonous debris, lost on a calm moor, one tries to deduce with logic which fate fell on this "civilization of the vessels" that vanished leaving no other traces.

These debris are the only clues of the past existence of such form of almost intelligent life, which has gone lost or has been corrupted till self-destruction.

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