"Here's the official video for the Skullcandy Railbattle 2011.
Gerben Verweij did a perfect job for the 5th time. A small railcontest that started off in one of our indoor slopes, now found it's way into the sun, with every year a unique massive setup.

This year we had riders coming over from all over the Benelux and beyond. After a slow rainy start the riders started to get more and more stoked, in the finals the heat got turned up by G giving away cash for tricks. Kids chasing the loot started to drop hammers. Kas Lemmens dropped the heaviest for Best Trick, Steffen van der Land landed the most and got first. Among the girls it was again Rachida Aoulad that crushed the others and Joshua Pires wasn't such a kid after all, he rode like a man."

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