I, cHrIsToPhEr QuInN, wrote, composed, arranged, produced and recorded this song, "Sky Is Burning, World Is Turning", in early 2004. I re-recorded the vocals in early 2005.

In late 2007, my youngest son, Cheyne, then 10, used some demo software he was trying out, coupled to some he already had, and made this video for me. I let him create, but supervised and suggested elements that would give it continuity and follow the lyric content more. His older brother, Cody, then 15, created two brief but key segments of the video, that followed both Cheyne's and my concepts. And his older sister, Christa, then 17, helped Cheyne in scripting the video better. So, though it is based on my song, it is a family effort. Except for the ToonBoom logo in the lower right-hand corner, I was so pleased with Cheyne's, and Cody's, animation for the song, I allowed the video to be posted.

As soon as Cheyne can procure a commercial copy of the software, we will redo the animation and video, and release it formally then. For now, it is something I am fond of and am proud to allow others to see and hear. May it contribute to peace and understanding.

On August 8, 2008 (8-8-8), this song was one of 13 recorded songs released as a music album, cHrIsToPhEr QuInN 'abstract atmospheres'. cQ

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