"Cooking with Vegetables" is a claymation short film by Frank Greber. It shows you the thrilling cooking story of a paprika and a carrot.

Everything you see is hand made and it took me about 80 hours to create the whole video. The sounds are either under the creative commons license or made by myself. I did it for the audiovision class at the "Graphische" school in Vienna and the material costs were about €90,-

agent vivid - hmmm
Andriala - tictac.clock
HubOfTheUniverseProd - TheGutbezahlScream
Jace - boiling bubbles 2
junggle - water_splash_18
junggle - water_dribble_07
junggle - water_05
mefrancis13 - cutting_strawberries
makemebad - shaker
redjim - Book_put_down
Satoration - Fridge jam
stijn - Paper
Streety - kettle_emptying_then_filling_up
Streety - sword4
taylorsyoung_gmail.com - Slurping_Water
UncleSigmund - watering_can
WillHiccups - Knife_Slits_1

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