This promo was exciting to shoot, we researched the Food Network and found some great inspiration for intro's to food programs. It took several shooting days around NYC with Cici, we highlighted some of the places and restaurants Cici visits and the food she tastes. One of the scenes I remember was with Cici getting on to a horses carriage in central park, it was a tricky scene to shoot as we were using the steady cam and trying to get the motion of Cici jumping into the carriage with the horse taking off and the horse keep taking off before Cici had sat down. Cici's show has now developed into a successful food show that broadcasts globally on NTDTV, Taiwan Airlines and on the web. Cici is now into her second season with the show named "Cici's NYC Diary."

Kean Wong - Director
Paulio Shakespeare - Director of Photography / Editor
Tal Atzmon - Second Camera
Jean Lem - Graphics
Dafydd Cooksley - Audio Mixing

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