There are things one obviously doesn't need, but because they are fascinating and beautiful you would love to own them. For example, 3-dimensional vintage neon channel letters, which are commonly found on commercial buildings as signage. They are formed by machine or by hand from materials such as tin or aluminum. Most of the time, a channel letter is covered to protect the (neon) tubing from damage and weather.

Rupa Design has been searching a long time for their own R-U-P-A channel letters. There are tons of vintage U's and P's around, but finding a good looking R or A is a difficult task. It took Rupa Design about one year to collect all four letters, yet just one morning to mount them on the office wall, as you can see … here's the short Rupa Design Typekit making-of time-lapse.

»rupa« is Sanskrit, meaning form and creation. Rupa Design is a German-based studio for corporate design and has recently been ‘German Design Award Nominee.’

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