A show made by and for older people.

Presented by May Q, in this second episode we learn from Susanne Warick, from Fold Housing, of the help older people can receive to remain in their homes. Marta Gibson tells of the benefits of joining a creative writers group and reads her poem inspired by a mural in East Belfast on the Titanic. Rosaleen Davidson tells of the importance of documenting women's voices in a book published by the National Union of Public Employees.
Marie Mathews describes doss houses in Belfast and the unwelcome surprise she received when peering through the windows of such an establishment and recites a poem on the tortures of bath night as a child and finally a poem from Jimmy Keenan on a Scots mother dealing with her riotous sons.
Thanks to May Q, Marta Gibson, Colette McCaffrey, Danny Davidson, Jimmy Keenan, Marie Mathews, Rosaleen Davidson, Seán McCaffrey, Tommy Smyth, Susanne Warick, Frank Johnston from Volunteer Now.

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