When we received W+K Tokyo's invitation to participate in the Hinomaru Project, we felt honored and challenged by the prospect of producing something in response to the catastrophic events of March 3, 2011. We questioned how does one create something appropriate and heartfelt for the people of Japan, that both acknowledged their suffering and loss, and paid homage to their history and flag. It needed to avoid sentimentality while expressing respect and kindness in the simplest form, much like a love letter from those of us in Atlanta, Georgia, to the survivors in Japan. In that, we found inspiration... Hinomaru represents the sun – the source of all light. Light is color, and color and light convey emotional realities that words and images fail to communicate. In the spirit of collaboration, we wanted to create something we would be proud to send to Japan that captured that spirit.

We designed and produced a light painting exactly three minutes and eleven seconds long. Our goal was to tell the story of Hinomaru in a way that we hope will evoke hope, inspiration, balance and harmony. Just as the sun rises and falls, each new day brings a chance to heal and appreciate the wonder of life. And while nothing can erase the loss and sorrow resulting from the tragedy in Japan, perhaps we can take comfort in the beauty of light and color – and can look with hope on the new sun that rises each and every day.

From us to W+K Tokyo and the Japanese people: please accept our humble love letter and homage to Hinomaru.

Mike Boutté, Michael Gibson, Daniel Soder and Keith Weaver

Produced by Allies for Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo

Music composed and Performed by Stars of the Lid
"A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process"
Published by Lid Music (BMI)
Courtesy of Kranky, Ltd.

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