Bournemouth University BA (Hons.) Computer Visualisation and Animation.

Shot 1, 3, 5 - Major Project "Mouse Guard". Worked with Robin French and Victoria Forbes. My contribution: Art direction, concept art, storyboarding, model edits, texturing, owl animation, compositing.

Shot 2, 7 - Masterclass Animation Project. Solo.

Shot 4, 6 - Innovations Project. Solo. Animated a domestic cat and dog with the same generic quadruped mesh and rig, to differentiate purely by animation alone. Trot/gallop/leap. 4 - cat; 6 - dog.

Shot 8 - Motion Reference Project. Solo. Animated a domestic cat with a simple block mesh and rig. Reference footage from BBC Motion Gallery.

Shot 9 - Character Design. Solo. Design, poses and development for a hyena character.

Shot 10 - Matchmoving exercise. Solo.

Shot 11 - Concept art for "Mouse Guard".

Music: Immediate Music - Us Three

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