This is one video of five. And 5min excerpt from a 9'21" video.
'Touch Parade', is a sculptural video installation comprised of five You Tube memes that explore
“plastic love” or fetish culture and the assimilation of marginalized sexuality in cyberspace.
The videos play in simultaneous loops, with each monitor emitting the sounds
of the recorded activity creating a layered murmur in the room. In questioning what
qualifies an image as explicit and illicit, I use my body to recreate a series of fetishes that
consist of fairly banal gestures—the layering of a pairs of gloves, the crushing of food
underfoot or popping a balloon. The originals were produced to elicit a libidinal response
like other ‘pornographic’ content, yet they evade censoring because they are not culturally
recognized as such. The screens were hung below standard viewing height relative to the
cropped bodies in each video. The installation begs the viewer to engage in sympathetic
body cognition and proposes an expanded view of culturally limited notions of desire.

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