Un jeu de ballon très particulier. 4 équipes représentant 4 quartiers de Florence Italie; rouge blanc bleu et vert.
A peut près tout est permis pour transformer dans le camp adverse.
Mettez votre casque et attachez votre ceinture, les gladiateurs sont de retour.
Red M et canon 5D

Calcio Storico is a game that has been played in Firenze, Italia for centuries. Four teams; RED, WHITE, BLUE and GREEN, representing different parts of the city.
Almost everything is allowed to score.
This is my take on that event.
Put your helmet and seat belt on, it's going to be a wild ride! The spirit of Gladiators is still alive.

As a side note, I encourage you to visit this link (a cut by David Battistella) : vimeo.com/25512336
So as Francesco Lepori's work (the other cinematographer) vimeo.com/album/148156/page:1/sort:preset/format:thumbnail.
He has amazing eyes to compose a frame. I wish I could put a Red Epic between his hands to see what's coming up.

A Red M and a canon 5D have been used.
We used nikon lens on the red M
specially the 80 F1.4 135mm and the Tokina 11*16mm
We filtered exclusively with a .6
No polarizer.
Shuter speed was at 1/96
Format of shooting are 4,5K-4K 2/1-2K 2/1 for the slowmotion.
With the canon 5 D Francesco used a zoom if I remember the max was 170mm.
As for the proportions of 5D footages and Red in the edit, it is probably 50/50.

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