Concept: Boris Kadin
Dramaturgy: Natasha Kadin
Screenwright: Natasha Kadin, Oestain Brager, Boris Kadin
Performermed by: Davor Kovač, Aja Kobe
Sound Design: Juraj Aras, Boris Kadin
Video Design: Boris Kadin
Technical direction: Grega Mohorčič
Technical support: Borut Bučinel

Production: Glej theatre, Ljubljana
Coproduction: Mavena, Split; Teatro Verddi, Zadar
Premier: 07. 06. 2011.

The project focuses on the theft of Edward Munch cult painting Scream in 2004 in Oslo. The painting will be exhibited again in London for the 2012 Olympics.
Scream introduces Zlatan Jašarević, the man who stole the painting, was never caught and who actually destroyed the painting upon stealing it.
The play explores the link between Edward Munch’s biography, the story of how the painting was made, the media stories after its disappearance, Zlatan Jašarević, and his connection to the woman who worked as a security guard in the Munch museum at the time of the theft.
It explores the causal connection between the artist and the person who stole his art piece almost a 100 years after its creation.

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