This is the cathedral shot we did at Oblique for the movie Rescue 3D in IMAX. It shows the devastating effects of after shock earthquakes in Haiti. Originally, we were supposed to do the entire cathedral collapse, but due to budjet and time constraints, we did only parts of it. I was CG supervisor on the project, but didn't work actively on this shot. The whole shot was done by a small team of 4 people (with some help by others) led by my good friend Bruno Olivier-Laflamme. Gabriel Martin, Marc-André Poulin and Martin Lipmann were his main soldiers. Benoit Blouin and Aelis Héraud.

Everything except the smoke was done in Softimage.
Shattering was done with Kratos
Simulation was done with Momentum.
Rendered with Arnold
Smoke was simulated and rendered in FumeFX.

5.8 million triangles
45 minutes / frame at 4096 x 3072 (geo only)


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