Graft: Intervals and Burrowed Stories, 2011.

Approx. 5' x 1.7' x 8'
Single-Channel, Looped HD Video Projection and Stereo Sound. 

Wood, Sheetrock, Cardboard, Dirt, Clay, Natural Fiber Insulation, Twine, Glass Jars and Vials, Assorted Organic Material

Performed by Emile Ferris and Ruby Ferris

This sculptural video installation features a worn, transplanted section of a wall. The interior space unveils a collection of objects. A large-scale HD video projection covers the exterior wall. The video documents a hermetic woman who “nests” inside of the wall.

"Utilizing close-up shots with a narrow depth of field, Crewe's sculptural video installation resists full resolution, placing emphasis instead on the corporeal response of the viewer. In the video, the artist presents an antihero: a hermit or hoarder. The amorphous figure’s unfixed, unidentifiable presence surfaces and retreats from view within an accumulation of objects."

- Rebecca Schlossberg, Curatorial Fellow
Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, Illinois

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