THE 10 CONDITIONS OF LOVE is a story of a woman, a man, a family, a people and a homeland. It is the story of Rebiya Kadeer, China's nightmare the woman it accuses of inciting terrorism.

It is also the story of the other Tibet - the country its people call East Turkestan, but which the Chinese call Xinjiang Province - the other stain on China's moral character.

It is a big story: a story of the ruthless oppression of 20-million people; of the global politics of energy; of Super Power politicking over the War on Terror; and of the pain of a deeply loving family torn violently apart.

Exiled in the US, Rebiya Kadeer is fighting for the human rights of her people, the Uyghur (pron. U-Y-ger), China's oppressed Muslim minority. But Rebiya Kadeer's campaign condemns her sons to on-going solitary confinement in a Chinese prison. Having done six years in prison with solitary herself, she understands the appalling consequences for them of her actions - but she will not relent.

Twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, once the richest businessperson in China, Rebiya Kadeer is a remarkable woman who pays daily a terrible price for patriotism.

And it will never be over.

A film by Jeff Daniels

An Arcimedia and Common Room Production

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