Startups don't need fancy chairs,
We don't need first class air fares.
We don't get compd exclusive club memberships
And we don't do 3 piece suits and all that sh**

We deliver the goods, the products that ROCK!
Our ideal customers completely align with what we've got
Our teams are lean, mean and agile machines
And we don't look like all we do is count beans

Startups are making a difference
Putting new ideas on the map
Leveling the playing field and competing with the stacks
Hanging it out there, taking risks is how we roll
Betting it all, believing in dreams is what we know

We are Startups and make no apologies
Talent, innovation, ingenuity and making it happen is our "policy"
So bring on the blood, the sweat the tears
Bring on the VC's, long days, nights and fears

Sandbox PM takes your ideas and bring them to market
While you focus on the technical and make sure you rock it
We are startups and make no apologies
The future is bright, with endless possibilities!

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