Joseph Recoskie Showreel 2011

Song: Fell In Love With a Girl
Artist: White Stripes

2FORTY Studios

0:00 Intro Showreel/Motion Design: Me
0:06 Equinox Summit 2011 Vid. 4/
Art&Creative Direction: 27FORTY Studios
Animation: Me
0:09 Payment Systems/
Art&Creative Direction:27FORTY Studios/Jamie Muntean
Animation&3D of selected shot: me
0:10 Equinox Summit 2011 Vid.1/
Art&Creative Direction: 27FORTY, Studios
Animation of selected shot: me
0:15 Concept-Payment Systems/Motion Design/All: Me
0:17 Eat Me Conept/Motion Design/All: Me
0:19 FIX-Self promo/Motion Design/All: Me
0:21 Vibe Music Bumper/Motion Design/All: Me
0:23 El Spicy Extreme/Motion Design/All: Me
0:26 BOC New $100 Bank Note Unveil/
Creative Direction|Editing:27FORTYstudios
Art Direction/Motion Design/Animation/3D: Me
0:30 Chop Shop Broadcast Package/Motion Design/All: Me
0:33 BOC Research&Development of Bank Note Security Features/
Art & Creative Direction/Editing: 27FORTY Studios+Affinity Productions Compositing: Me and 27FORTY Studios
0:36 FIX-Self promo/Motion Design/All: Me
0:40 Vibe Invasion Bumper/Motion Design/All: Me
0:44 Concept-Payment Systems/Motion Design/All: Me
0:46 Concept-Payment Systems/Motion Design/All: Me
0:48 Vibe Invasion Bumper/Motion Design/All: Me
0:51 Perspective Concept Logo Reveal/Motion Design/All: Me
0:53 Recoskie Design Logo Reveal/Motion Design/All: Me
0:56 Syndicate Graphic Design Algonquin College Grad Logo Reveal&Video/Art&Creative Direction, Motion Design/All: Me
0:58 Chop Shop Broadcast Package Logo Reveal/Motion Design/All: Me
0:59 FIX-Self promo Logo Reveal/Motion Design/All: Me
1:00 Circle Square Triangle Logo Reveal&Video/Motion Design/All: Me
1:02 Showreel Outro/Motion Design: Me

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