The Redneck Parade in Salem, NY, July 4th, 2014 is the setting for this music video for Suburbs of Paradise.


Suburbs of Paradise
Well the road not taken always beckons that's for sure
And the road you're on just brings you where you've been before
I don't know what's up or down - it doesn't matter in the end
I just want to go downtown - where the lights are bright but I can't get in
Living in the suburbs of paradise

I tried the road of excess and the straight and narrow path
And the road in between in the aftermath
But the roads are all the same - they all just beat around the bush
And the voice that will call your name - might just be a whispered hush
Living in the suburbs of paradise

Down the street they sing in holy harmony
The air just breathes with the energy
But the cars keep rolling by - blasting obscene radio
Oblivious drivers drive - and a mind thinks them as they go
Living in the suburbs of paradise

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