Mohammed Mohasin lives with his family in a small rented home in a slum on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is one of an increasing crowd of rural migrants moving into cities across Asia as the 21st Century gears up to be the century of cities. Although Mohammed has found a steady job, his life is far from secure as he spends the majority of his income on food and rent. Any small increases in food price means that Mohammed has to reduce what he eats. In the third part of this series, D J Clark discusses increasing food insecurity in cities where access to food rather than the lack of food is a rising .

Links: Part 1: The Crisis (
Part 2: The Age Old Problem (

By D J Clark
Voiceover & Logistics: Muhammad Aminuzzaman
Animation: Interactive Media Students, Yujiawei (Ruki), Caozhiguo (Carlo), Linwenqi, (Sammy), Liyang (Willam) from Raffles Changchun International College, Visual Communication Department
Executive Producer Flora Yue

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