Filmed & edited by Bannai Roo
Live audio recorded by Min Lik
Lighting designed by RainF
Background visual effects by Wong Eng Leong
Live performance by The Maharajah Commission
Shot with Nikon D3s & edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, live audio recorded with Zoom Q3.

Rescue Merdeka Review Gig is a indie music fundraising & charity performance to uphold independent voice ( in Malaysia. The Maharajah Commission is one of the nine acts of the show.

The Maharajah Commission is one of the rare Kuala Lumpur outfits confidently independent and punk enough to exploit its individuality and freedom. With mostly deconstructionist rock and exploratory instrumental jams, the band's debut Dialogue Amoureux (Monkey Records/AGE, 2003) is a sinister and unrepentant work of free-form experimentation that defies description.

It's got the quirk of Pavement, some gripping Slint, the low key of Silver Mt Zion and a dash of John Zorn in the midst of the ever-evolving clatter that allows for a collision of broken down indie-rock, ragged folk, twisted jazz and whatever the anarchist fancies that fall in between the cracks.

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