Reviewed by MORGAN SPURLOCK: (after being shortlisted in Shooting People's Film of the Month June 2011):

“I want a boat so bad I can almost taste the sea water. This film spoke to me on so many levels – from a desire to leave the modern world in search of adventure, to reclaiming the lost pieces of our discarded past, to unending and never dying tenacity. In the characters in this film, I saw my filmmakers... People who were fixing these boats, not because they wanted to, but because they HAD to.”

Boat Dreams is a cautionary tale of three characters whose Do It Yourself projects have got out of hand. Unable to afford a fully-functioning boat each has bought a landlocked craft in varying degrees of dilapidation.
We watch as they work on their ultimate escape project. Will they break out of the boat ‘graveyard’ or remain on land, their vessels an alternative shed - a place for dreaming with no destination necessary?

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