About a year ago, I posted a down & dirty DIY camera roller video that was pretty popular in the DIY gear community. Ov course, using something for a year you naturally make modifications, so here's the current iteration of the adjustable slider. The thing I love about it is the versatility. It can roll on any manner of improvised "track," or just flip it over and run it trackless on the floor or a table.

There's a materials list in the video, or if you aren't comfortable around a chop saw, I'd be happy to build you one. The "production" version is $80 + shipping and is well finished. It looks like something you'd buy in a store, not something a weird guy built in his garage. Even comes with a knob to mount your camera plate, and the 1/4" to 3/8" adapter to mount most fluid heads.

Thanks to the whole DIY community for providing awesome feedback.

UPDATE: 7-6-11
I've had a LOT of interest in these, so I've been busily collecting pieces for a couple of runs. I've also set up a dedicated email address: info@moveyourcamera.com

UPDATE: 7-14-11
Lots of orders going out tomorrow or Saturday, and a list of folks after those will be seeing dollies late next week. I'm tracking down some different suppliers to see if I can keep supplies coming more steadily and less in spurts. But if you want one, I can build you one, and the wait time looks to only be a week or so at this point.

UPDATE: 7-28-11
Lots of these out in the wild now, and building is still going fast and furious. Right now I'm backordered until about Tuesday, when I'm expecting a shipment of bearings that will complete a whole mess of units. Also, interest has been so high I'm getting ready to announce a fun contest in the next couple of weeks.

UPDATE: 7-31-11
You may have noticed that the dedicated email address changed. That's because I went ahead and bought a domain to keep track of all this stuff. New email is info@moveyourcamera.com, but the old one will still work fine. A bunch of units will ship Wednesday, and I'm going out to the garage right now to make a video announcing the contest. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 8-1-11
Contest announcement is up here: vimeo.com/27136318

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