Curious was formed in 1996 by writers and performers Leslie Hill and Helen Paris. Since then the company has developed a reputation for its edgy, humorous interrogations of contemporary culture and politics; producing 40 projects in a range of disciplines, including performance, installation, publication and film. Their investigations involve intimate personal journeys alongside public research and enquiry which has led them into collaborations and conversations with a huge range of people -- from truckstop waitresses and sex workers to political refugees and nuclear weapons experts. The resulting work is sometimes intimate, frequently challenging, often humorous, and always authentic.

Made in collaboration with film-maker Andrew Kötting, composer/sound designer Graeme Miller and a consultant group of neurogastroenterologists, the moment I saw you I knew I could love you is about gut feelings: fight, flight and freeze reactions; impulse, love and undefended moments. Augmented by its unusual staging -- the action takes place in the belly of a whale with the audience 'cast adrift' in real life-rafts -- this is an intimate and immersive performance merging film and live action with sampled sound and siren song to portray seafaring stories and half-remembered truths which, mythical or not, still retain an air of authenticity.

'There are a thousand beautiful moments... It's a rich and rewarding experience being immersed in this watery world'
Total Theatre

'Something immensely wistful about a piece that demonstrates that we are merely chemical compounds, and yet also shows us how to discover equilibrium'
The Guardian

Image © Hugo Glendenning

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