November Patriots’ Fact Sheet:

How Gov. Brownback Brought Obama Care to Kansas!

1. As Gov. Elect he gave Commissioner Praeger, the OK to apply for an Early Innovator Grant (EIG) to help implement Obama Care in December of 2010.

“Specifically, Praeger said that Brownback wanted her to proceed with planning for a purchasing exchange….” (12/9/10)

“The grant application had been submitted with …the unofficial nod by Brownback, who then was preparing to take office as the state's first conservative Republican governor.” (February 12, 2011)

“… Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, who has been working on the exchange and submitted the grant application, said last month that “our new administration, as well as the Legislature, agrees that Kansas wants to run its own exchange….In fact, the grant application was endorsed by the Legislature’s Health Policy Oversight Committee and received an Unofficial nod by Brownback when he was preparing to take office, KHI reported. (2/15/2011)

“When HHS encouraged her to apply for an early innovator grant, she [Praeger] says Gov. Brownback gave his assurance that he would not stand in the way….” (3/23/11)

2. The Gov. could have stopped the EIG when it was award in mid Feb. 2011, after he took office, but did not i.e., he accepted it again in Feb.

“And between the ERO and the governors' letter, [HHS] were no longer sure if the Kansas Insurance Department would be able to execute a grant or whether Kansas would be willing to comply with its expectations.

Confusion about the letter, the ERO and the Brownback administration's intentions, prompted the insurance department to put its exchange work groups on hold for a few days this week and prompted calls to and from HHS officials and talks with the Governor's Office in efforts to sort out where Kansas was headed with respect to an exchange and the $31 million in grant money….

"We've been working with the Governor's Office to clarify what the intention of the ERO is," [Praeger] said Friday afternoon. "We've been working with the grants, we're still working with them. If we had seen the ERO before it was put on the Website we might a have been able to catch this, but if they clarify with a letter that we are still in charge (of administering the potential grant) then everything should work out."[Praeger] said her office and the Governor's Office were still crafting the letter spelling out that she would oversee the grant regardless of the ERO on Friday afternoon.

"We've been finalizing the language today," she said. "They've been very good working with us. HHS needs to have it before the end of the day. The time frame they're operating under is for awarding the grants on Tuesday."

(Linda Sheppard of the insurance department confirmed late Friday that the letter was completed and sent to HHS on time.)…”

2. The Gov. has publicly stated that: 1) OC is un-Constitutional, 2) would “destroy” and “devastate” the Kansas budget, and 3) would ruin the private insurance market, 4) was “Socialism”.

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“Informed Voters, Informing Voters”
© R. D. Fry 6/30/2011

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