Dr. Peter Grogono is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University. Before entering the groves of academe, he developed software in a variety of application domains, including pattern recognition, operating systems, highway construction, electronic music, games, and accounting. His principal interest is in tools that help programmers to efficiently produce high-quality software, especially programming languages and development environments. He has given keynotes at four previous CUSECs.

Many universities have introduced undergraduate software engineering degrees during the last decade. Are they doing a good job? Is industry getting what it
needs? Most current degree programs are doing well for now, but the industry is changing fast, and universities must keep up with it. Herb Sutter says that the "next software revolution" will be about concurrency. Is industry ready for it? Are universities ready for it? Objects, aspects, and concurrency will make a very rich mixture - perhaps too rich. Effective use of new hardware will require drastic change: perhaps even a new programming paradigm. We will outline a modest proposal.

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