The Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa ( in conjunction with the Soweto Cardiovascular Research Unit ( has the aim of improving the health not only in South Africa (with the Heart of Soweto Study), but throughout Africa. The new Heart of Africa initiative, lead by Prof. Karen Sliwa and her colleagues involves a number of collaborative educational and research projects in Africa.

The dedicated focus of the AFRICANHEART project is on promoting a healthy African Lifestyle. Mrs Sandra Pretorius has a keen interest in food and nutrition and actively works to improve the health and nutrition of inhabitants of low resource areas.
The AFRICANHEART project has started producing a number of short videoclips related to healthy living:

Title 1: Be active and choose your friends

Title 2: Eating healthy

Title 3: What needs to be known about Shortness of Breath

Title 4: Value of herbal teas

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