We did a series at The Ridge called "Why I Believe the Bible Can Be Trusted" wherein Woody Torrence addressed the plethora of common questions of the Bible's validity. In order to illustrate what some of those questions were, I was asked to create a quick way of doing so.\

I know I could have just put white text on a black background to communicate this, but I like to push myself in some of these projects to at least continue to explore after effects in new ways to increase my understanding. In this I played with various blending modes, grading, focus-inducing blur, and getting some nice camera wiggle to help give it a subtle interest that wouldn't be distracting.

I didn't want to do any "kinetic type" kind of animations for this as it would be overdoing it in a lot of ways, this just called for simplicity and clarity, especially with not having a narrator to accommodate for various reading speeds.

They wanted the mood to feel light and focused, but not introspective to the point of it erring on the side of being depressing or somber. With this kind of imagery I suppose it could go either way depending on the score chosen, so the music was to help lean it in that direction.

Music: Judson Lee (judsonleemusic.com)

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