22nd February 2011 - This photo shoot was an experience so wonderful that's pretty much indescribable. Oh well.. I'll still describe it.. =P

I chose Penang as I fell in love with the Baba-Nyonya culture that's so traditionally unique on its own. The feeling I get is like its nearest to the classic Victorian culture in England! but now in Malaysia!

Although I'm not a Nyonya nor my husband a Baba but this culture had been in our Malaysian history and we've known about it since our school days or even when we place our foot in to Melaka, Penang or Singapore.

As an experienced photographer, Ning and Jim immediately suggested Cheong Fatt Tze (aka Blue Mansion) as our photo shoot location. We had to stay overnight in order to do a photo shoot there for free.

I had always fantasized what its like to live during the olden days... Whether during the Audrey Hepburn era or the Shanghai Tang era.

There I found myself stunned in one of their rooms just like those in the olden days.. cemented floor .. wooden door and window frames ... antique wooden furniture ... wooden bed (but of course with a modernized mattress) with a dramatic mosquito net! .. The bathrooms were newly renovated so it was neat n clean (I don't think the bathroom experience will be that flattering if it were to follow those in the olden days...=P ) hence as an overall I find that the stay was quite a unique, memorable and pleasant stay.

Other than CFT, we did our shoot at another 2 spots. The Penang Fisherman Jetty and my most unforgettable was when Jim spotted a tree while we were on our way back down the Bukit Ferringhi steep, narrow and winding road. Thats when he asked my husband to stop there and that we should take a few shots. It turned out to be just drop dead GORGEOUS!!

As a bonus point, my dresses matched the locations perfectly .. I brought in 2 dresses I tailor made through Jason Yek for the CFT spot and 1 I won from Carven Ong through the Hilton Hotel Lucky Draw for the beachside spot (Yeap Lucky me!).

I brought over my sister as an assistant and my makeup artist, Mae Foo. Mae was introduced by Valerie Fan Gallery in which I can conclude she did a great job in getting my husband and I looking good and matching with the whole photo set. She was also committed and ever alert for touch-ups during the shoot. I felt like a Super Star that day pampered by the 2 of them assisting me throughout.

Also not to forget, I'm pretty much amazed by how professional Jim and Ning was at work .. always keeping the confidence mood up during our shoot. Giving us instructions using his expertise in making us looking good through our posture and the lighting. Believe me the instructions were most helpful as it won't get us aimless which usually would have led to getting us moody and tired. While Jim was showing his expertise, he remained friendly, patient and energetic the whole time which made us so comfortable showing out our sensitive side in front of him. What more can you ask for from a photographer, right?

The pictures turned out just like what I'd expect to get from Jim - Quality Fine Art. Just pure Classic! Timeless! Its like we're the new Audrey Hepburn!
So proud that I have these pictures .. and that its my husband and I in it. Can't thank both of you enough friend! ;)

P.S. for Jim and Ning: Thank you for the gift you did for us during our wedding day... Again.. its classic just like how we'd like it... We love it!!

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