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Creating simple and fun ways for customers to experience and share your brand is often top-of-mind for marketers. Hawaiian Airlines wanted to create a fun social campaign that would feature their growing list of destinations and reward sharing on social networks. tenfour presented a targeted series of campaign concepts that varied in reach and sophistication; one of the ideas was Aloha Passport.

Hawaiian Airlines customers were invited to build an Aloha Passport by picking their six favorite destinations to which Hawaiian flies. People were then prompted to use the bespoke photo booth application—that uses their existing webcam—to pose for six passport photos. The final pictures were electronically stamped with icons from each of the chosen destinations and—after entering their contact information—were posted to the public gallery for the sweepstakes contest.

The top prize was a pair of tickets to the chosen destination (anywhere from Las Vegas to Tokyo). Additionally, we added a second prize of 100,000 HawaiianMiles for the passport rated best by the public. This triggered participants to share their user-generated content (UCG) on social networks and rally their friends and family to “like” their entries. A program like this couldn’t have been achieved just a few years ago, but today’s proliferation of laptops and webcams has unlocked a new level of brand interaction. This was also fun since brands rarely get the opportunity to see the faces of their customers and peek into their lives.

The results were phenomenal.
Over 6,500 entries were created the first day and the passports were shared and discussed across Facebook streams and dozens of other social networks. Detailed tracking of social sharing enabled us to monitor the viral qualities of particular entries and which players were the most influential in spurring action. tenfour built in flagging abilities for controversial content and a custom CMS that enabled us to scan entries quickly without the delay of moderation prior to publishing. The CMS also included a winner-picking application (with five runners up) and segmented the IP addresses so that we could pick between mainland and islander customers without requiring additional form fields.

Ultimately, the impact of the program was tied to the revenue attributed to the promotion, its associated properties, conversations, and UGC created. Integrated fare finders, banners, and back-links were all tagged and tracked in order to measure the financial impact. Three weeks after launch, at the halfway point of the promotion, the resulting revenue was already over ten times the investment.

04/19/11 UPDATE
Final results have proved to be very compelling

final ROI was 43x
over 10% of the 20,000+ participants purchased a ticket
an average of 4 people returned from every 1 social share

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