DJ Elbe aka Sven Meer, from Hamburg St. Pauli.
Earthy Hammond-riffs fuse with Electro-pop, Sitar inspirations join a fluffy Elektronica, full baselines fuse with the atmo of a day at the beach. A down-to earth-spheric mix made in Hamburg.
Elbe and his bands wash the sound of the city through your ears.

Those who divert their attention from the music will be tempted to watch the clouds, those who choose to listen will realise that this sound is here to bring nature to town. If you want to take full advantage. "Sand Pauli" teaches you how to lie down listening to the music in the effortless yet inspiring sphere set between retrospective and futuristics – and take things as they come.
Put more informally: drift away and be alert at the same time.

Elbe and his ouevre are an autopilot.
You could call it "mind-elevating", yet some prefer to call it "the inner lifting of tides ".
A cosy synthesis making use of the classical instruments of the analogous era and the most charming sounds of the electronic worlds. The Fender Rhodes cuddles up to the acoustic guitar, the Indian tabla joins ranks with loops, mouth organ meets Moog.

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