Amplify Texture, previously known as simply as Amplify, is a Virtual Texturing extension for Unity Pro that allows level artists/designers to use a huge amount of textures without worrying about texture memory limits or streaming.

This demo consists of a relatively small scene with up to 10GB of raw, mostly unique, texture data.

• Virtual textures up to 512K x 512K.
• Seamless integration with Unity Editor.
• Real-time WYSIWYG editing.
• Per-material diffuse+coverage, normal and glossiness textures.
• Per-material textures larger than 4K x 4K.
• Texture repeat / tiling.
• Trilinear filtering.
• High-quality lossy texture compression.
• Support for dynamic surfaces.
• Automated incremental builds and deployment.
• High performance.
• Low memory footprint.
• Windows, Mac and Linux support.

Learn More about Amplify Texture:

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