Our demo will show a sample use of the IKS plug-in for WordPress. The demo platform is made of a Stanbol and a WordPress installation configured with the IKS plug-in.

I'm using WordPress as a 100% standard CMS to publish our contents over the web. I use the login form to authenticate on the administration area.

I'll now move the post list, that is empty. And I'll create a new post, standard and simple.

I have published the post, this is how it looks like to web site visitors.

And this is how it looks like for Google

There are no information about the contents of my post.

I will then enrich the contents by clicking this small button here, that will send my contents to Stanbol and the Refactoring engine for analysis.
The refactoring engine will apply preconfigured rules to my content in order to make it compatible with Google Rich Snippets.

These are the entities that Stanbol found in my content and I'm going to choose the correct ones (Colombo is not related to my content).

Then I save and the entities are stored together with the content of my post. I can publish the update...

... and the entities appear below the body (stylesheets can be further applied, of course).

But, most importantly, refreshing Google Rich Snippets...

...finds them inside my contents and adds them to the index.

Thank you

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