This is a collection of my motion design work for 2011.
Previously a motion designer at Tronic Studio NY, followed by being at SEHSUCHT, Hamburg as a designer/motion designer.

Work at SEHSUCHT Hamburg.
Work at Tronic Studio NY.
Freelance work.
Personal projects.

Hope you enjoy!

Projects in order of appearance:

Personal project/collaboration (to be finished) with Thomas Kjellberg and Niklas Olsson - Actor, compositing, post production.

RESONANCE: Evanescant - animation, compositing.

AUDI Vorsprung durch Technik - styleframes, design, 2D animation.

Personal project (to be finished) - animation, compositing.

Steadfast - design, modeling, animation.

MAXIMUM JOY (personal project) - design, 3D, animation, compositing.

D.I.A (personal project) - design, 3D, animation, compositing.

Comcast Business Class - design, modeling, animation, compositing.

SEAT Enjoyneering - design, 2D animation.

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