"Computer, search 'analog photography.' Search, searching....."

This short, creative documentary offers a first-hand look into vibrant world of photography in New York City. From the shooter to the teacher to the profession it shows us that film, indeed, is still being sold and shot.

"Film: Not Dead Yet" had its digital premiere on CNN's homepage, Friday, August 25th, 2011. In its first weekend it got over 600,00 video views and 3,000+ FB likes. (Apparently people still appreciate film.)

Producer Cubie King (an avid film shooter) conceptualized and pitched the project. He also designed the graphics, shot, and edited the documentary with his frequent collaborator Producer/Editor Carlos Martinelli.


Producer: Cubie King
Producer: Carlos Martinelli
Writer: Cubie King
Graphic Designer: Cubie King
Graphics: Carlos Martinelli
Cinematography: Cubie King, Carlos Martinelli
Editor: Cubie King, Carlos Martinelli

Original text printed with "Film: Not Dead Yet" on CNN.com.

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