Just got a copy of this project after 18 years!

I photographed this short back in the 1993 for my friend Kay Ray, a prolific director and producer now in Seattle.

We made our pitch to Greg Ruzzin at Panavision in Tarzana, CA and were awarded the "New Filmmaker's Program" grant --- one week with an amazing Panavision camera package with the full set of Zeiss primes and a pin-sharp Panavision zoom.

Previous projects I had photographed up to that time were all shot 1:85 or 1:66 (the European theatrical standard).

So this little short represents a young cameraman's dream: working in 2:35 with the superior Panavision glass.

Unfortunately only a film-chain transfer exists that is in standard definition. Perhaps an HD version in the future? Shot over two days in Joshua Tree, CA 35mm / 1993 / Panavision / AGFA

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