Casita Verde is an experiential learning center for applied permaculture principles.
People come here from all walks of life to learn about perma culture, alternative technology, recycling, communal living, leadership, innovation, cooking, low cost housing, organic gardening, composting and much much more.
It is a place where we are students and teachers at various times. At times that means stretching our comfort zone and grow beyond what we thought was possible. Casita Verde usually attracts people who are self motivated , multi skilled and willing to learn whatever it takes to get a job done.
Innovation, Cooperation & Response-ability are behavioral qualities that are much valued and supported. People quickly learn to jump in and give a hand when and where needed.
As an educational center Casita Verde is conducting regular beach cleaning trips and educate the public about how to get involved and keep Ibiza clean: Thinking globally, acting locally!
As a networking centre we connect many like minded individuals internationally and participate in creating a world to which people want to belong: Synergy into action.
Synergy into action means that we know how powerful it is when our own individual contribution to a project creates a much better result than what each of us could have ever done by our self alone.
People working and living at Casita Verde enjoy the splendid environment, the variety of learning experiences and have a deep appreciation for living close to nature. Last not least: We have fun!

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