Shred highlights from Session 2, summer 2011, June 25-22. Some clouds rolled through for a bit, but Session 2 will long be remembered here at Hood it's sunny moments. We had a blast. Two sessions in the books, and four to go! We have more snow on Hood right now than we typically do in early June. Those last four sessions are going to be INSANE. Come Join Us!

Session 3 July 6-13 (SOLD OUT)
Session 4 July 16-23 (a few spots left)
Session 5 July 26-August 2 (a few spots left)
Session 6 August 5-12 (a few spots left)

P.S. Why is Lago riding a horse in this?

HCSC Film Department History Lesson#2
It was noted in the Session 1 Re Cap that the Online Recaps started back in 2005 with Joe Carlino. This knowledge left many wondering: "who lead the charge prior to the Internet Video Revolution?" Welp... back in the Summer of 2001 Mike Parziale (a Lodge counselor at the time) began making a 20+ min. movie each session to premier for our campers, thus birthing "The Session Video", a tradition that still stands. Mike has sense moved on, starting Grease Not Gas, and Grease Bus offering snowboard transportation powered by veggie oil ( After Parziale's couple summers, the Session Video Producer was passed to Ben Fee (who left HCSC for a stint as Editor for Snowboarder Magazine, before becoming a full time film maker (read: he lives in L.A. now) and Kevin Nimick (who is now the manager of Exit Real World in Tigard, OR). After that, ex-counselor Paul Miller took the editing reigns for a season, before leaving HCSC to start Air Blaster with Travis Parker and Jesse Grandkoski. Oh, and they all lived happily ever after.

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