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'Dying', on a mountain, Corran is mysteriously saved from death by a Highland Stag. Confused, alone and frightened, she makes her way back to the village of Glencoe, and comes face to face with one of her enemies, Simon Campbell, a Red Coat, deserter and traitor. With her family massacred and her village destroyed, Corran trusts the fugitive when he offers to help her escape the village. Plans to flee the country are brought to an abrupt end by Simon's old enemy and fellow Red Coat, Angus. Pursued by Angus and seeking answers to the many questions in their life, Simon comes into the possession of a Campbell crystal which leads the couple through time and into modern day York where a final confrontation ends their conflict.

Music- Chris Mather
Director- Sean Brown
Editor- Sean Brown
Voiced by Elizabeth Marshall

Steve Austin
Elizabeth Marshall
Chris Mather
Kelly Brown

©Copyright 2011 Deborah Brown
Piano music
Spoken extracts from 'When Fate Dictates'

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