This is the walkthrough for the first level of Walk the Line. It' s a Running Game using Microsoft Kinect (on PC). The player must escape a crumbling city, therefore, avoid obstacles, jump over holes and walk on walls using movement recognition.

This game was developed in three months with Unity 3D as Game Engine and Wwise as Sound Engine. It's a first year student project from ENJMIN - The Graduate School of Games and Interactive Medias (France).

Note that this game is not for publication (at least for now). It is a student project and it was designed for this purpose. For now the concept waiting to be improved.

Trailer here :
More info :

Team :
Game Design : F.Vincent
Programming : S.Khiat & N.Schoner
Graphic Design : O.Favrel & J.Leuliet
Audio Design : A.Speller

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