My second video with Man Booker prize winning writer Anne Enright as she visits the Katine project in Uganda. The project run by aid agency AMREF is sponsored by the Guardian and Barclays bank. More details or make a donation look here

A run and gun video shot entirely on a Canon Eos5DmkII with a Nikon 17-35 f2.8 and Contax/Zeiss 85mm f1.4

Various people are reporting stutter when watching the videos, Vimeo changes the frame rate from 30 to 24 fps. Please login and download from the link on the right of this page to see the full 30p version.

There were a number of challenges shooting this video. I didn't have a Matte box wide enough and so the extremely bright light caused my neutral density filters to flare so much I had to give up on them causing higher shutter speeds than I would have liked.

With most of the shots done handheld with a modified Red Rock Micro rig I had to devise a way to see the screen and focus. The solution was a hood-pro hoodsock borrowed from my Sony EX-1 jury rigged to the screen. It works quite effectively allowing shooting in the brightest conditions and you can focus quite well.

Audio was handled entirely by a Sennheiser MKE400D microphone. This wasn't easy as I couldn't monitor it at all. I did a back up recording on my Edirol R-09 for safety.

The result isn't perfect and there is room for improvement but I hope it proves what can be done in a documentary with DSLR video.

This time all footage was converted to XDCAM EX using Mpeg Streamclip before editing in Final Cut pro. There are only basic brightness and colour adjustments.

More on Anne Enright here:

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