"You may like living a peaceful and happy life. But what if a massive blurred black blob invades the city and a business suit boss appears on your tv?
In the city you can run away and scream, but he is already behind you"

Music video of Big Charlie's new single "Here comes the mobster" (2011)




Award winner for best animation at PIVI 2011 at Bari (IT) (awurl.com/rMF9fRFtm#first_awesome_highlight)
Nomination for best story at PIVI 2011

Winner at Faber contest 2011 at Turin (IT)(fabermeeting.it/)

Nomination for Best Short Animation at "Suzanne awards 2011" of Amsterdam (blender.org/community/blender-conference/suzanne-nominations/)


Big Charlie: Music

Annarita Milella: Director / 2d animation / Design

Francesco D'Ambrosio: 3d animation

Stefano Milella / Annarita Milella: Screenwriters

Stefano Milella: Executive producer / Editor

Fab design: Production

Snowy Peach: Label

Software used:

After Effects - 2D animations, compositing, post-production
Blender - 3D animations, VFX, fluids and particles simulations
Premiere - editing

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