Radio Soulwax presents BATUTA DISCOS:

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We show our love for Brazil and all its musical forms over various decades here in this mix. It's a place that has always inspired us musically but also where you can lose yourself record shopping. Which we did, on many different trips, and found the most incredible gems with the help of some of our brazilian friends.

Concept: Soulwax and Kurt Augustyns

Photography, directing and editing: Kurt Augustyns

Executive Producers: Soulwax & Glyn Peppiatt

Sao Paulo production: Rudá Cabral, Rebecca Barreto

Production Assistants: Gokula Stoffel, Maihara Marjorie, Marco Versolato, Sydney do Carmo, Rodrigo Gorky, Fabio Melchert Galvarnese, Giovanna Rouvier

Special thanks to: Clasta, Cartabranca, Igor Cavalera and Laima Leyton (for making this happen) Rudá and Gokula (for your hospitality)

Thanks to: Marleen Schelfhout (for the extra film holders)
Andriana (for the delicious food)

Film Labs: Labtec, Sao Paulo, Casablanca Films, Sao Paulo,
Color-By-Dejonghe, Kortrijk

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