Just a quick and dirty teaser for my upcoming Lightstage Rig.
Extensively tested, this rig brings together many of the lighting options in Cinema 4D to help modelers to be more creative and spending less time getting the lighting right.

It will be available for purchase soon on my site occamsrazor.co.za/products-page/

- a fully adjustable studio floor with material settings.
- adjustable settings for an infinite floor and background object.
- an infinite floor that interacts with dynamics.
- 2 softbox arrays to give a wide range of lighting options.
- an additional Top softbox that is fully adjustable to give extra controll.
- an area light with softbox reflection card, also fully adjustable.
- an adjustable spot light including volumetric controls.
- full sky options including an HDRI, Horizontal and Vertical gradient sky.
- Sun functionality as well.

- All features have composting options as well.

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