A Silence Please Productions Video
Visuals & Concept: Gonzalo Caride
Sound Effects and Music: Eduardo Vizan & Santa Santorum

The project:
This is an experiment with Video Feedback.
After a lot of tests: trying, failing and trying again, we were able to create three independent clips that for us represented the origins, development and extinction of the Universe.
Video Feedback is a medium that allows almost infinite options, and we wanted to create something different from the typical Video Feedback videos that you can find in the net (most of them very pretty but with a complete lack of meaning).
We wanted to use Video Feedback as a medium towards storytelling.
The three clips that compose this Triptych are shown exactly as we record them, no cuts, no effects... Straight from the camera. Just a fade-in and fade-out at the beginning and end to make them pace properly.

All music and sound were composed by Eduardo Vizan and Santa Santorum and without their work, talent, ideas and support this project wouldn't exist.

Feel free to comment and give us your impressions, it's the only way we can keep on improving.
If you want, you can upload or add this video to any channel, group, blog or web page you want. This is for sharing, and we really appreciate when people like it and want to showcase it around the web.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

Silence Please Productions in Facebook: facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Silence-Please-Productions/185069868192481
Eduardo Vizan Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/electric-blanket
Santa Santorum Cloudnoises: cloudsnoises.official.fm/

If you want to contact us send us an e-mail to:

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