Real Japan is a pilot demo for an upcoming documentary series about Japan, and the Japanese people.

Anyone who knows Japan even a little will have visited Tokyo, or the temples in Kyoto, but what about the rest of the country? They very rarely get a mention, but we think it's the people and places off the regular route where Japan's real treasures are to be found.

For the pilot, we went to Shodoshima, a small island in the Inland Sea in central Japan, to visit a 200-year-old kabuki theatre, traditional soy-sauce and noodle factories, and Xerom, where they make minute, cutting-edge components for your camera or smartphone. And we stayed with the delightful Sasaki family, who have farmed on the island for generations.

The plan is to travel across Japan to meet more wonderful, ordinary people all over the country, and learn about their work and their everyday lives.

We reckon we know this country quite well - but you probably have even better ideas!

Where should we go?

Who should we meet?

As we make plans, it would be great to hear your feedback, and ideas, in the comments.


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