In paradisum, the final movement of 'The Traveller' by Anna Pope. The full work describes a man (The Traveller - played by a lyric baritone/tenor) journeying through purgatory with temptations of demons and angels, eventually arriving in paradise. First performed in 'Angels vs Demons' concert in the 2010 Adelaide Fringe Festival.
This piece (SSAA + male soloist) is performed here with a relatively small group of chamber singers, but it would also suit a larger choir.
Soloist - James Scott (lyric baritone). Director Anna Pope. Singers/'angels', Rachel Sag, Raphaela Mazzone, Kate Tretheway, Saam Thorne, Anna Pope, Fiona O'Connor, Rosemary Byron-Scott and Tim Muecke.
Recorded by Kenneth Pope at Urrbrae House, 2010.

"May the angels lead you into paradise, may the martyrs receive you in your coming and may they guide you into the holy city of Jerusalem.
"May the chorus of angels receive you, and with Lazarus, once poor, may you have eternal rest.
"Let perpetual light shine upon them, O Lord, with your saints forever, for you are merciful.
"Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them."

Latin text:
Women (soloist joins at *)
In paradisum deducant te angeli,in tuo adventu suscipiant te martyres, et perducant te in civitatem sanctam Jerusalem. Chorus angelorum te suscipiat, *et cum Lazaro quondam paupere aeternam habeas requiem.

Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine, cum sanctis tuis in aeternum, quia pius es.Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Program notes (for concert) by Bernard Mageean:
Anna Pope's The Traveller (between heaven and hell) is being given its first performance here. The traveller is a wandering soul whose final destination is uncertain. As Anna's text unfolds in three sections, the traveller is depicted by a baritone soloist, the angelic voices are from the higher Lumina ranks, and the demonic voices from the lower Lumina ranks. The traveller moves through a world of clearly differentiated two-fold possibilities, pulled now this way, now that, to find a final home at last. Anna's music has appropriate contrast of sonorities, and a suitably anguished protagonist.

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